Military kid says, "I'm definitely more mature."

I've heard many people say,"Your dad is deployed, that must be hard." Yeah, it is hard. Besides worrying and just missing him, I have more responsibilities at home. My mother relies on me to do the household stuff my dad did before he left. But she also spends more time talking with me about what's on her mind. I don't mind taking on the extra chores. In a way, I know I have to be more mature because my dad is away. I can't blow things off or life at home would be absolutely whacked. I find that I like the choices I make at home, and at school too. My teachers and coach say they can depend on me. In my mind it's like being a grown-up. I feel I can have fun like other kids but when it comes to family I want to be there for them while my dad is away.

Helpful Tips:

Maturity doesn't necessarily mean having more responsibilities. But if you are faces with new responsibilities you have to make new choices. You might try out our Crossroads activity to see what kind of choices YOU might make when faced with new roles and challenges. The activity presents dilemmas that military kids might face when their parent is away. You have to make choices to resolve the dilemma and you get feedback on the choice you made.